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Welcome to Ste Maguire Photography

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Hi everyone and welcome. A little about me...

Whilst 2020 was a difficult year for most people it provided me with an opportunity to take up photography a little more seriously. Whilst I had always enjoyed taking photographs of our children, places we visited (we love to travel) and of our boys (the dogs) I first picked up a DSLR in May 2020.

I am so lucky to live so close to Perch Rock Lighthouse in New Brighton, (Wirral, North West of the UK) I have often taken walks and watched the sun fall under its towering frame and it would become my first shot using a DSLR camera.

I remember vividly arriving an hour before sunset, anxious due to the number of photographers who had already arrived and set up. (I learned very early on the need to plan ahead)

I nervously tried to pick a position trying to avoid the other photographers and dog walkers. Patiently waiting for the sun to set I took lots of shots which on a 3.5 inch screen looked incredibly good.

I smiled to myself as the sun disappeared and enjoyed the short drive home. Eager to see the results of my efforts I quickly plugged my memory card in to the computer. Oh how quickly my smile disappeared! What looked amazing on the camera screen turned out to be anything but when increased to a 16 inch screen.

Despite my nervousness I was encouraged to post my photographs to Instagram. I have to say that social media is often thought of as a negative place. However I have received nothing but love and encouragement from those who have supported me on my journey.

Whilst I remember that day vividly and fondly Im pleased to say it set me off on a journey that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I am the first to admit that I am learning everyday and the only thing that beats my passion for photography is my passion to learn and improve. The next shot is always the best shot!

My first ever landscape shot I took in May 2020...

The last shot I took of the same lighthouse last week....

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